American Drug Use Is on the Rise

The use of the drug is increasing in the US at an alarming level and it is not limited to one specific generation. But some specific people have seen significant increases in drug consumption.

Women use alcohol and drug more in the United States and adults over age 50 as compared to men. Wealthy kids are also more likely to use drugs from poorer communities. In Poor communities, its use is because of low education.

The massive use of drugs is not because of unawareness about its danger because all of us are well aware about its harmful effects.

The question here is that why Americans still forwarding towards drug abuse. It simply means that all this knowledge has failed to act as a deterrent.

The reasons can be the rise in chronic pain, the changing favorable views about drugs or it may also be the reason or it can be our mental state. Other common risk factors may include poor education, mental illness, poverty, parental substance abuse, and environment

 The best way to reduce this abuse is for parents and community leaders to take proactive approaches to substance abuse prevention.

In most cases, this prevention begins at home and at school. Finding drug-free pain management to manage stress is also a way to reduce its use.

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