Tips to protect your child from drowning

Children love to play in the water but it can also be deadly for them. There is always a risk that your child can drown in the water. You should always take precautionary measures and consider water safety before bringing your kid into water.

To reduce the risk of drowning in any, follow the given guidelines:

·         Learn about cardiopulmonary resuscitation. 

·         Never leave your kid unsupervised near water, especially if it is under age 4.

·         Teach your children how to swim before taking them swimming. 

·         Install a fence at least 4 feet (1.2 meters) tall that separates the pool area from your house and yard.

·         Install an alarm on the house door that leads to the pool area.

·         For this purpose, you should use a rigid, motorized safety cover to block access to the pool when it’s not in use.

·         Don’t leave toys into the water as they can fall your child into the water.

·         Children as well as adults should always wear personal flotation devices whenever riding in a boat.

·         Always pay attention to warnings about unsafe swimming conditions. Don’t allow children to swim in drainage ditches, abandoned surface mines, or other water-filled areas not intended for swimming.

Babies are so small that they can drown in just 1 inch (2.5 centimeters) of water. They can fall into a toilet, bucket, or fish tank. Consider these precautions to avoid any mishaps:

·         Keep your bathroom door closed. You can install a safety latch or doorknob cover on the outside of the door to restrict your child’s entrance into the bathroom by themselves.

·         Never leave your child alone in the bathtub or the care of another child.

·         Consider installing childproof locks on lids.

·         Empty buckets and other containers immediately after use. Don’t leave them outside, where they might accumulate water

Consider all these water safety tips for water and keep your child protected from any water-related accident.

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