Tips to prevent child fall from furniture

When children are learning to walk then it is normal for them to fall frequently. A child of fewer than two years of age have more chances to fall.

We try to prevent their fall to prevent injury. The injuries can be critical if they fall from furniture, Injuries to children often happen when you don’t expect it because children grow and develop new skills so quickly.

But following some specific measures can help you to Keep Your Kid save from Falling Off the Furniture.

The foremost thing is that a toddler can never be left alone, especially on raised furniture. Try to use all the safety straps when they’re available and avoid using baby walkers because there are more chances of fall from walkers according to American researchers.

The best thing you can do to keep your child safe is to adjusting your environment to suit.

Babies can also fall from the raised surface and can fall from furniture, windows, and balconies and downstairs. Slippery surfaces are also risky.

 Follow the given guide to preventing falls from all the possible places.


Ø  Always keep a hand on him whenever your baby is on furniture.

Ø  try to shift your baby on the floor from the furniture.

Ø  Keep furniture away from other objects.

Windows and balconies

Ø  Lock all the windows or shield them with windows.

Ø  Keep or Move all the objects and furniture away from windows.

Ø  Keep entrances to balconies locked.

Ø  Install safety guards across balcony entries.

Ø  Keep balcony furniture away from railings.

Steps and stairs

 Ø  Install safety gates at the top and bottom of stairs.

 Ø  Always open the gate rather than stepping over it.


Ø  Always keep your child within arm’s reach.

Ø  Encourage your child to stay sitting down in the bath.

Ø  Use a non-slip bath mat if your bath doesn’t have a non-slip surface.


Ø  Remove any toys from the cot so your child can’t use them to climb on the cot.

 Ø  A Children of over nine years should use bunk beds only. The top bunk should have a safety rail.

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