The BOMA Project, a nonprofit organization

The BOMA Project is a nonprofit organization in the U.S and a Kenyan NGO. Their Rural Entrepreneur Access Project (REAP) is training and mentoring Kenyans in establishing and sustaining business initiatives.

 They are proud to have received recognition from some of the most respected organizations in the non-profit space.

The boma project is helping women entrepreneurs of about  33,000 and counting and also start new businesses in Eastern Africa.

They empower women entrepreneurs with business skills and confidence to start new businesses. They use their income to educate their children and keep them healthy.

with the support of their partners and volunteers, they are also working to fight the devastating impact of climate change and also to become respected leaders in their patriarchal communities.

 The BOMA Project is also empowering women in the drylands of Africa to establish sustainable livelihoods, build resilient families, graduate from extreme poverty, and catalyze change in their rural communities. They are providing poor women living in Northern Kenya.

 They are trying to bring happiness to the lives of people and you should also join their mission to make our world better.

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