Try to Avoid Water Pollution

Water Droplet Digital Wallpaper

We know that water is a crucial element for life. Animals, birds, plants, and humans all required water to survive. Only 2% of the total water on Earth is edible for drinking. Unfortunately, a significant amount of this water is now polluted by our activities.

Clean and pure water is extremely essential for humans as well as other organisms to perform vital body functions. Most of the lives need water to aid their respiration process. On the other hand, drinking contaminated water can cause serious health problems. Therefore, the prevention of water pollution is extremely significant. 

It is our responsibility to take action for reducing water pollution to save all the living organisms on Earth. The following steps are effective for reducing water pollution.

  1. Try to use phosphate-free soap and detergents, and lessen the amount of bleach while washing your clothes, or dishes. 
  2. Many people threw tissues and wrappers, flush drugs, and pills down the toilet, so you have to avoid this. They should be disposed of properly in the wastebasket.
  3. Avoid discharging pesticides, motor oils, herbicides, fertilizers, and other such chemicals into the sanitary system, and also try to minimize the use. 
  4. Avoid disposing of cleansing agents or chemicals down the sink. 
  5. Do not through the garbage in lakes, and rivers as it pollutes the water.  
  6. Do not waste water,  close the tap while washing your clothes

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