Random Acts of Kindness

White and Black Number 3

In this world, everyone lives their own life without concerning with anyone. We are too busy in our lives that we have no time to think about anybody else. People around us sometimes need help therefore, try to help these people. It will not benefit you but this act gives you internal peace. There are some random acts that you can do. It cannot bring a big change but it’s a step towards good deeds. 

  1. You can hold a door for someone especially when there’s an old person.
  2. While traveling on public transport, give your seat to the ladies, or old persons as it is difficult for them to stand for long. 
  3. You can help the children or elders in crossing the road. 
  4. Try to make someone happy when they are sad and feeling bad by sharing their feelings, try to make them relax. 
  5. While watching tv offer others to select what to watch.
  6. Try to spend the most time with family and friends as they are more important than your work.
  7. Do good things without any greed. If you do good for someone, do not aspect from them that they returned you something for your favor. 
  8. Try to share things with others. If someone needs a pen offer them yours if you bake cookies at home or something else shared with your neighbors or colleagues. 
  9. Appreciate others on their work especially kids they are very sensitive and they loved being appreciated for their work.
  10. Pass a smile to the strangers and kids and be kind to them. 

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