How modern technology affects our health negatively

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Technology is becoming a part of our life more than ever. People can’t even think to live without it. Advanced technology has indeed made our life much more convenient. But, the fact is that not everything is pure and has some negative points too.

Same with the case of technology, it also has negative consequences too Children and teenagers are more influenced by it because they spend more time using mobile phones and the internet than adults.n this article, you will learn how technology is affecting our health.

People use social media almost all day until they sleep. They do not even spend time with their families as a result of which they become victims of isolation. They become socially isolated.

It has also come to see that people that spend more time on social media experienced higher levels of depression and anxiety.

The means of media affect human health psychologically as well as physically. The extensive use of digital devices even causes serious health issues in people. Therefore people should try to schedule their time to reduce social media use.

When people use tablets, smartphones, and computers, they pay concentration for long periods. This may lead to eyestrain resulting in blurred vision, dry eyes, and even eye pain.

You can prevent it by reducing your screen time and brightness. You should also take a break for at least 20 minutes while using such devices. This may help you to lessen the strain on the eyes.

The poor or incorrect posture that we adopt to sit while using mobile devices and computers also results in musculoskeletal problems. Adopting a “down and forward” position is recommendable for preventing it.

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