Why learning computer is important for elders and tips to teach them

Person Typing on Computer Keyboard

Our elders are the beautiful part of our lives. The love of grandparents is priceless. They love us more than anything and in return only demand our love and tension. We are living in the digital age where every day starts with roaming on the internet. Unfortunately, this is making our elders much neglected.

It is also difficult to put down your mobile and spend time with them as most of our work is linked to the internet What can we do. the simple solution is to teach your elders the basic use of computers too.

How learning computer is beneficial for elders

Learning computers is an ideal way to keep elders connected with the social world. Surfing the internet daily can help the elders to know what’s going on in the world. They can remain in touch with other friends and relatives. This will also help to enhance their confidence and also create a sense of independence. 

The Internet has lots of other entertaining stuff for them. They can read religious books, watch their favorite movies, chat with their old friends, deal with the latest news, and research health issues. They can get their medical reposts and manage their banking service online.

How to teach elders use of computer

When you will begin the teaching session they might feel fear, it is natural but you need to push them to continue learning.

First, you only need to teach them the basic knowledge of computers. Introduce them to the parts of a computer such as a mouse, USB port, earphone jack, and camera. And how to use them. How to open and close files and applications. The basic internet browsing snd email usage. Also, teach them the use of social media networking sites and applications.

Tips to help older adults in learning computer skills

First, tell them the advantages of using modern technology. Use easy language and try to keep it as simple as possible. Never use the words they are not familiar with. Try to capture their attention by finding their interest. Try to make it entertaining and playful and allow them to play with the devices freely. Practice is necessary, therefore, you should force them to do work continuously to enhance their computer skills. 

Teaching computers to elders can be a time-consuming process. It is also possible that elders do make mistakes multiple times, but you should need to be patient. Don’t be aggressive and overwhelmed by them. They need time to learn it.

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