Diabetes in children – causes & prevention

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Diabetes is a disease in which the body does not use glucose constantly. Glucose comes from the food that we eat and is provide us with the strength to carry out our daily activities. It is a primary source of energy for us. But when a person becomes diabetic, his body stops making a  hormone called insulin. This hormone is essential for utilizing glucose in our body.


Currently, there are two types of diabetes 

  1. TYPE 1

In this type, the immune system of your body attacks the pancreas and as a result destroyed those cells that make insulin in our body. 

  1. TYPE 2

In this type, the pancreas makes insulin, but your body becomes incapable of use to it properly. 

Diabetes in children 

Mostly diabetes is a disease of people ages above 30 but children can also get this disease. Parents try to protect their children from every minor disease but diabetes is not a minor condition but one of the most serious diseases in children.  Diabetes is so dangerous that your child can get involved in other serious diseases because of it. Therefore, parents should try to protect their kids from getting this disease. 


Some of the common cause for children getting diabetes are as follows:

  1. Exposure to some virus. 
  2. Eating too much sugar
  3. Overweight 
  4. Transferred genetically 


Unfortunately, you cannot protect your child from getting Type 1 diabetes. Its prevention is not possible yet but scientists are trying hard to find possible ways to prevent too. But type 2 diabetes is possible to prevent. Many children had already diagnosed with this disease successfully. 

Studies suggest that the major cause of this type is overweight. Therefore, if you protect your child from becoming obese you can also prevent the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes in him. Here are some simple ways that can help to prevent weight gain :

  • Give your children a healthy and nutrient-rich diet. Feed them low-fat foods. This food helps to prevent weight gain. 
  • Helps your child to avoid eating sugar sugary foods and beverages. Sugary drinks readily contribute to gain weight.
  • Encourage your child to be physically active. Limit their screen time and encourage more physical activity. Promote physical games A physically fit and active body helps to maintain an ideal weight.

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